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Altera enters the final round of Yield Giving, a process initiated by MacKenzie Scott to fund deserving small nonprofits.

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WAPATO (September 21, 2023) – Altera (educational nonprofit) has learned that their application will go through to the next and final round of competition in a process undertaken by Yield Giving, an organization established (from their webite), “….by MacKenzie Scott to share a financial fortune created through the efforts of countless people. Yield is named after a belief in adding value by giving up control. To date, our network of staff and advisors has yielded over $14,000,000,000 to 1,600+ nonprofit teams to use as they see fit for the benefit of others.”

This $250 million open call “focused on elevating organizations working with people and in places experiencing the greatest need in the United States: communities, individuals, and families with access to the fewest foundational resources and opportunities. This initiative will award unrestricted gifts of $1 million each to 250 organizations. This Open Call seeks community-led, community-focused nonprofit organizations whose explicit purpose is to advance the voices and opportunities of individuals and families of meager or modest means, and groups who have met with discrimination and other systemic obstacles. Organizations best suited to this initiative will enable individuals and families to achieve substantive improvement in their well-being through foundational resources.” To be eligible to apply, organizations needed to have an annual operating budget of at least $1 million and no more than $5 million for at least two of the prior four fiscal years.

In their application, Altera focused on their 23-year span of work in central rural Washington State, helping in all educational strata from Pre-school to entrance into postsecondary programs, to help local rural students, their families and other adults to reach “Social Equity through Education,” the organization’s guiding principle. New initiatives for the organization include the high needs of newly arriving immigrant and refugee families to the area. A 90-second video highlighting their work is viewable in the following link.

Altera’s application was scored by five fellow applicants during Participatory Review in July 2023. Altera scored high enough in this round to advance with the top 1,000 top-scoring applicants to the Evaluation Panel Review. Selecting from amongst the top organizations, the donor and Lever for Change will announce 250 awardees in early 2024. Each awardee will receive a general operating gift of $1 million.

Altera conducts our work on traditional lands of the Wanapum, Yakama, Colville and Quinalt People past and present. We honor the land itself and its multi-generational stewards who demonstrate in perpetuity a commitment to building relationships with Indigenous people for a positive future in Washington State and the entire region.